Sunday, June 22, 2008


Our spinner guild meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

It's always interesting to see the different kinds of spinning wheels that people have.

Fancy or homemade, they all are treated with love and care.

Every time I go, I watch how each person spins - there is a different method for each person, it seems.

In October we will have our second annual "Spin In"! Our guest speaker will be Celia Quinn from Homer, Alaska. She will give a talk on spinning with spindles and a class the next day on spinning novelty yarns (yum) -

Guess who volunteered to be on the committee?


Kathy said...

Celia used to run "Straw Into Gold" in CA. She's a neat person! I never met her in person, but used to buy from SIG when an Army housewife in Germany, then owner of Wool 'n Wood in Kansas dealing Ashford wheels. You'll like her and learn alot! :)

Sharon said...

I was going to say, lucky you - Celia Quinn. I had no idea she was a "Straw-into-gold" alumni. How wonderful for you!!

Vickie said...

Nice looking group of wheels, of and feet too. LOL! I love wearing my handmade socks while spinning. It feels like to has come full circle.
Congrats on the winning fleece! I know you are very proud of the Shepherd.