Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little Road Music

The Shepherd surprised me on Wednesday night by asking what CD's I wanted to take along to listen to on the road. Generally we have this pattern - he drives and I sleep. Since he was feeling a little sickly, maybe he thought if we played music, I'd stay awake and that would keep him company.

We started out with Eric Clapton's album Reptile. It always surprises me that I like this album - old "folkie" that I am. The first time I played it was for a dinner party that included our church's 80 year old piano player. Even she liked it. Go figure...

Our plans were to leave at 7:00 a.m. so we could meet our neice Jennifer and son, along with my Sister, for lunch at the Country Cousin's Restaurant in Centralia.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, wasn't quite moving her buns fast enough and we didn't get off until 7:45 - (still leaving us enough time to meet Jen , Parker & Wisten IF traffic was moving along) - fortunately (for me) we breezed right thru Everett, right thru Seattle/Tacoma & right thru Olympia! How lucky was that! We like the Country Cousin's because they make their own mashed potatoes, so their pot roast/hot beef sandwich is one of The Shepherd's favorite "travelin' meals". (I am partial to their Ruben Sandwich - yum.)

Our visit with family was short, but sweet and we were off, this time to the dulcet sounds of Loreena McKennitt and the fun, jazzy tunes of Pearl Django.

The freeways through Portland, Oregon have these beautiful roses blooming right now. It is about an 8 or 9 hour drive from our home to Eugene. There was no time for stopping at plant nurseries, which abound down the Oregon I-5 corridor. This year we needed to get our fleeces to the Wool Show and check in to see who was at the barns so we could meet our friends Kathy & Mike for dinner. All was accomplished - we had a great dinner with our friends and heard all about their upcoming wedding.

Off to bed we went with visions of sheep barns and vendor fairs dancing in our heads. Tomorrow? The Shetland Sheep Show, of course.

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Sky said...

lol - i had never seen sheep until i arrived in washington state (an atlanta transplant)! did we have them in georgia, unknown to me, or is it simply too hot for sheep to thrive there, especially in summer? the first day i saw one i was thrilled, and my hubby took a photograph of it for me. i love seeing them as we drive along the Puget Sound islands or north toward Bellingham. i would love to have one as a pet but i imagine it would eat my gardens! hope you are having fun. :)