Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Never a dull moment -

Well things have quieted down in the little boy's pasture - now the concern has been for Jewell. Last week The Shepherd noticed that she was having trouble with "urine elimination" - she would squat, but nothing would come out (been there, done that!). So after talking to the V.E.T. (we'll spell it out so any kitties reading my blog don't get frightened) they decided that she probably had a urinary tract infection and the rest of the penecillin that had been going to Buddy for his "injury" now went to Jewell. The problem was, even after 5 days of penecillin, she wasn't getting any better!

Saturday morning, he loaded her up in the trailer and off they went to Lynden (about 35 miles) to the V.E.T. - they did tests, did an ultrasound, gave her IV fluids (she was dehydrated) and changed her medicine, including some pain meds. This a.m. was three days and things had not appreciably changed! So off they went to Lynden this a.m. (Remember that we are leaving Thursday for the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon, so we kind of had to get this resolved!)

Well, today, they did more tests, and finally decided that she had passed a kidney stone. Ouch - no wonder she was grinding her teeth! The V.E.T. said she could go a couple of days between shots now since the blockage seems to have passed, so we are OK and our poor house/farm sitter will only have to deal with Neelix's medicine. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


Sharon said...

I had no idea that sheep had kidney stones. I know what Ian when through when he passed one. GMG!

I need orange said...

Sending good thoughts that all your critters feel better (and that Neelix swallow his pills!).

Wishing you a smooth and safe journey to Black Sheep, and eagerly anticipating a report! :-)

Kathy said...

I will keep good thoughts headed towards your place for not only Jewell, but everyone while you're gone.

Have a wonderful trip!