Monday, September 10, 2007

What a difference a year makes -

This is Gwendolyn last September - getting some hay while the getting is good - I mean, while the big girls are outside -

And the one on the right - that is Gwennie last month - click on the picture & it will biggify - check out her pretty face and horns.

And, with the magic that is Shetland, she is now grey but she still has those skinny black legs.

Hopefully Scooter will think she's pretty too - we're at about 45 days and counting to set up the breeding groups...

Yes, you are very handsome.


Quail Hill Knits said...

Gorgeous! I want one! I just need to convince my husband it is a funny looking dog.

Leigh said...

She's a beauty! How fun to watch them change like that.