Thursday, September 06, 2007

Three Beautiful Things about Today

I took the fur-kids to the V-E-T today. I try to make 8:00 appointments so we don't have to wait a long time. I have been taking my animals to this particular vet hospital for about 32 years now. Dr. Max Perry's son Todd has followed him into the practice and they have a lady vet also. Today we saw "Dr. Todd" - he really truly seems to like his job - he has operated on both Neelix and Sinda over the years - Neelix for abcesses and Sinda when "someone" in the neighborhood shot her with a BB gun!! He seemed impressed that at 17 she still looks so good. I try to take good care of my baby girl...

  • Getting up early is not my favorite thing to do, but by the time I had my shower and was starting to get dressed, The Shepherd had both kitties in their PTU (I think that stands for "Prisoner Transport Unit") and stashed in the back of the car. That was good, because they always seem to know when I want to put them in the PTUs, but I don't think they suspected The Shepherd at all. Plus he had a heavy coat and gloves on, so no damage to the hands.

  • At 17, Sinda weighs 8-9# - she hasn't lost any weight in the last year. That is a good thing. She's been drinking a lot of water, which we've been keeping an eye on for the last year or so. (signals kidney trouble) But she is staying hydrated and is otherwise healthy. Neelix is 12 (we got him just after the 4th of July in 1995) He actually has lost about 4# (from 17 down to 13#) - that is probably a good thing. We got Rabies & FLV shots, worming pills and that flea stuff put on the back of our necks - and basically a "good bill of health" proclamation.

  • After they were transported back home and I was ready to head into work, I called my assistant - "Do we need anything?" I asked - "No, not really", she said. "How about McD's ?" - she jumped right on that one - so I picked up a little mid morning snack for us. Yum - and after all that heavy lifting, as the ads say "I'm lovin it" -


Anonymous said...

You really do take great care of your furry-kids. Good to hear they got such great status reports. Does The Shepherd make house-calls for loading those PTU's? I could use his expertise with The Princess next v-e-t v-i-s-i-t.

Leigh said...

Oh dear. I'd better not tell Rascal about Neelix's weight loss. Rascal is staunchly insisting that 17 pounds is a perfect weight for him. He just doesn't get the concepts of weight loss and rationing.

Val said...

I am sooo happi that my mom doesn't have me to the doktor. Is Neelix OK wif his losing weight? Is he sic? Or is he on a diet?

We hav peepul here from far away. They are nice but I stil stay close to mom.

Tell Sinda and Neelix I swd Hi.

Shadow, the Velcro Kitty

Kathy L. said...

My mom sed that I had signed in under auntie val, so she made me sign in wif her name. Sorry.