Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How We Got Our Names, by Sinda and Neelix

Mom had to go to the bean eye V-E-T today and she can't see to do anything, so the kitties have commandeered the blog (she just had a regular exam - in fact things looked so good her eye V-E-T said she didn't have to come back for TWO years!)

Our friend Rascal has tagged us for a meme about how we got our names – so here goes.

Sinda: I was born April 21, 1990 to a cat that belonged to a lady that mom used to work with. (My daddy was the Siamese cat across the road – a travelin’ man, so I’ve been told) Anyhow, the one who came before me, Dolores had gone to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of months before and Jaxom, the boy cat that lived with mom at that time was very lonely. So she decided that it was time to get a new kitty. She picked me out on Mother’s Day – but didn’t bring me home for several more weeks until I got big enough to eat on my own. I seem to remember that Sinda became an offshoot of Cinderella – I like it much better. Jaxom and I became very good friends – he went to the Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 1995. I still think of him sometimes and miss him a lot.

Neelix: Mom & dad picked me out at the Humane Society in July 1995. They thought and thought about names for me. One of their favorite TV shows at the time was Star Trek Voyager. Neelix, a member of the crew was a Talaxian, an alien race indigenous to the Delta Quadrant. Neelix (the Talaxian) was a charming yet scraggly scavenger who acted as the ship's mess officer and budding ambassador. The man who played Neelix on the TV show said “Neelix is a loner and a lover. He's manipulative and brave, emotional and silly. You might say he's an alien of many colors...” That, and the fact that he had orange stripes on his head, fit me to a “T” so that is what they decided to call me.

Mr. Neelix, the Talaxian

Mr. Neelix the Cat (notice the ridges on the forehead, also he has pointy ears with fluffs of fur coming out of them that you can't see in this picture so well

So, we're going to mix up our meme tags a little and move across species lines. We also had a couple of farms we were curious about how they got their name, so - for kitties, we tag our pretty friends Brandi and Parker to see how they got their names. We have some sheepie friends, Sven and Ole, who live with their mom Kathy at Sheep Thrills Farm in Arizona and then mom wants to know how Tammy chose the name for her farm back in Missouri.

That's it for today -


Karen Jo said...

That is so cool. Neelix is my favorite character on Voyager. I like how Cinderella transformed into Sinda.

Leigh said...

What fun. I like the tag twist you've put on this meme! Glad your eye appointment went well.

Rascal said...

Good stories! Cat stories make the very best sort of blog reading.

Quail Hill Knits said...

Your cats are very articulate. Fun Post.

Quail Hill Knits said...

Your cats are very articulate. Fun Post.

Sharon said...

Hard to type with Charlie on my lap and laptop. He looks just like Mr. Neelie and read the whole thing with me. He now, however, has rolled over with his back to the screen. I think that's a demonstration of scorn, but he's still purring. I should have adopted a cat without claws - sudden movements can be painful.