Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vishus Sheep

My friend Rascal( ) mentioned that the sheep mom (her name is Regina, by the way) didn't look like some sheep who should be messed with - he's right - at least with kitties - she keeps a firm hoof on things - Neelix just wanted to say "hi" to the babies through the fence, but she wouldn't have it -

She ran right over and stomped her foot - Neelix was like "I'm outta here, not gonna deal with this vishus sheep today!" Poor Neelix

"Think I'll go take a nap someplace sunny! "

Elsewhere on the farm -

native bleeding heart in John's garden - isn't it sweet?

And the bonsai collection comes out of the greenhouse for the summer!


Rascal said...

I knew it! All sympathies for poor Neelix, who is only trying to be a friendly Cat. After all, Cats are allowed to be curious, doesn't the vishus sheep know this? Neelix had no other choice than to follow proper Cat protocol, which is, when in doubt, NAP!

Suzanne said...

oh no! vishus sheep. what next?

run for your life neelix!


btw, no kidney problems!

Kathy L. said...

Poor Neelix! Those Vishus sheep are awful for scaring the poor boy! :)

I wish it were warm enough tto have ANY plants outside! Snow today and frozen water for the sheep this morning!Brrrrr.....