Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snack spreads for church

As newsletter editor for our church, I set up pairs of families/members to do the coffee hour every Sunday and our little church has the best snacks coming or going - (I think secretly we try to out-do each other) We were partnered with Keith & Theresa this past weekend. I had been wanting to try some cream cheese spreads, so she said she would bring the bagles & fruit. Here is what I came up with (they all have a base of light cream cheese) :

Brown Sugar, cinnamon, raisin w/toasted almonds

It was goon on the bagels - it would have been really good on some cinnamon bagel chips.

This one is Orange-cranberry with toasted Pecans - that's a glob of orange marmelade - it was supposed to be in the center.

This is "Seafood Caesar" spread - made with Surimi, celery, green onions, and caesar salad dressing. It was good on the bagels but REALLY good on the Triscuits that Theresa brought. I've been eating the leftovers on Ritz Vegi flavored crackers. Yum.

This one was the best - Tuscan Spread - it had Garlic, Black Olives, artichoke hearts, green onions and sun dried tomatoes. Let me tell you - I'll be keeping this recipe to make again. REALLY good on the Triscuits - I put the last of the leftovers with a little bit of pasta for dinner tonight. It was better on the Triscuits...
So, with mini-bagels, Triscuits, cut up bananas, apples & oranges, we ate like kings, but then we generally do.


Catzee said...

I got dibs on the seafood one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheepmom said...

Hi Tina
Contact Theresa Gygi for more info on the premie blankets/hats. Gail Former told me about it and she will be including my contribution in with hers. Hope this helps.

Kathy L. said...

These all look wonderful! Are you going to share the secret recipe???