Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas - Belated

This was "off year" for the "T" family Christmas - everyone went to the "in-laws" (or in our case, just stayed home and had a brief moment of relaxation) - so we always try to get together someplace, either the week before or the week after the big date. This year we opted for the week after - in conjunction with my oldest sister's 45th wedding anniversary - and got together at their home in Mossyrock. It was fun for all (except my sister, who had way too many holiday parties this year) - all three of my nephews were there & their families - in order of age - Chris, Jen & Parker, with his mom (my sister)

That's Jake smooching the family dog - his girls are going to be basketball stars, I think - they are getting so tall! His wife is a "Jen" too!

And these two handsome guys are Ben and Dante' - Ben is going to school at Central - He'd like to be a teacher - watching him with the kids this past weekend, I think he'd be a good one.
Here they are with Ben's mom & dad - the white lady in the bunch, that's my other older sister.

This is my "baby" sister Nance - (that's Aunt Nance to you, Parker). Even though we talk every week, we don't get to see each other very often. Nance is a "shopper extraordinare" - she's one of those people who start shopping for Christmas in January, for pete's sake! (it's worth it tho - she gives great presents!!)

Last, but not least, me and DH/the shepherd - an "only" who gracefully (mostly) puts up with my family 2 or three times a year - and who is mystified by the fact that I have to talk to my sisters at least two or three times in the week before I 'm going to see them - (we have to plan, you know!) We had a blissfully uneventful trip down & back (it's about 200 miles or so one way) - although, he asked me how I knew that, seein' as how I slept most of the way...ha, ha, ha

All in all, it was a GRRREATTT! weekend.

See, we promised we'd be nice to the farm sitter - we didn't butt at him even once!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hi Tina,

Nice to put a name and face together!

Anonymous said...

My, Tina, what Rosey Cheeks you have! (chuckle) (OK...I do too)
What a nice update and set of pictures of the family. I trust you had a nice visit.
I was the only one who stayed up as the Kids said they were going to call from NZ, but never did. Ralph went to bed early (smart man) and I made it to 1 a.m....or did I? Seems there was a bit of sleeping in the ole recliner going on with three cats for a blanket!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. Happy New Year!