Monday, December 25, 2017

Fall colors, etc.

Well, I have been widely rounded for neglecting my blog.  So, since I have a little time this week, I'll do little catch up.  Sadly I have a spammer who will not leave my blog alone so I've had to implement comment moderation.  I really hated to do it but the spammer was bad, so it goes.  I hope you will still leave comments. 

These are some pictures from our garden.  It was so pretty this year.  The biggest red maple was planted shortly after we moved here.  It was one of the trees that formed the background for our wedding in 1994! 

The Shepherd has planted our yard with great thought to how it will look at all times of the year.  His 45 +/- years of landscaping experience shows. 

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Michelle said...

So many pretty things!