Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lookin' good here

 I haven't quite gotten the hang of taking pictures with my camera yet - they always look cloudy - maybe I have fingerprints all over my lens... ha ha - I took this picture of our front garden the other day.  Since then, the "glory of the snow" has doubled and it's all OVER the place! 

But it is pretty and springy, so who cares. 

Pesky stuff is everywhere!
The Shepherd continues to improve - he had a shower tonight - and it went well - the one he took at the hospital was a fiasco - he wasn't ready to be off the oxygen yet, and he panicked - this time it went much better and he felt bolstered by the improvement of not needing the oxygen, so that was good too.  Plus, I think it was just time for a shower, ya know...

I have to work tomorrow (normally have Fridays off, but one of my co-workers is taking off the weekend for a trip to see family for Easter.  Nice for her as she has been working hard, and nice for me, because I get some extra hours.  Always good. 

The sheep chores come early - gotta go. 


Michelle said...

Yay for improvement and progress! Tell John to be good tomorrow while you're at work; no chasing sheep or anything.

Lilylou said...

So glad to get this news, Tina! Take care of yourselves and the sheepies and the kitties. Don't get too worn out!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh my precious friend...what an ordeal you both have been through these past few weeks! Thank you for letting me know...I have befriended you on the blog now that you have that widget I tried to get you to get some time ago! YEAH! Now I can keep up and not miss important prayer needs. I am so glad your hubby is home...I can so relate to what you have gone through in all accounts you mentioned. Dennis had his three spinal surgeries last August...he was in the hospital for over three weeks and I was there each day from noon to 9 at night...I know what you went blessed we are to be able to say Thank you God for carrying us all through those dark times. Let us hug our hubbies tight today on this Easter Sunday...we are saved and each new day is a gift!
Hang tight to the end of the rope... if you will be in to the arms of Jesus!
Love Karla