Friday, July 17, 2015

Your Honor, I object....

I was on Pinterest the other day - Oh, yeah, digital hoarding - that's my middle name - and there is something that's been bugging me -

My home page is a mix of food, pretty flowers, cats & funny sayings.  I have noticed a proliferation of food items with "Crack" included in the name - The one I was looking at was "Cracked out Chicken Bubble-up"   Eh?

Just out of curiosity, I typed "crack" in the Pinterest search bar.  - Holy cow -

Cheese & garlic crack bread
Crack slurp noodles
Christmas crack
Crack dip
Crack cake
Maple caramel bacon crack
and of course
Cracked out chicken bubble-up

So, I'm wondering if any of the people who named these dishes have ever tried crack?

I'm wondering if any of the people who named these dishes have any friends or family members who have ruined their lives because they actually ARE addicted to crack.

Maybe they need to look up addiction in the dictionary - a habit of activity, often injurious  -  Synonyms include:  

    bag    bent    craving    dependence    enslavement

    fixation    hang-up    hook   inclination    jones  
    kick       monkey      obsession       shot       thing
    monkey on back    sweet tooth 

OK, so I get that "Dependence Dip" doesn't quite have the same "je ne sais quoi" as Crack Dip, but PEOPLE!!  Maybe think about it when you say something is "just like crack"  -  because, unless it's going to cause you to live homeless/on the street, it isn't "just like crack"  -  

Just sayin'  

And now, a happier thought for the day -  

Gracie - a few days after "gotcha day" in 2011 - when we FINALLY let them outside to explore the big outdoors - 


Gracie, last month - Bless her heart.

She's our little tootsie roll - & loves, loves, loves The Shepherd.  Sometimes when I come to bed, she is snuggled up as close to him as she can get - whiskers to whiskers - it's sooo cute (but you'll just have to imagine that one folks - ...I'd be looking for a new place to sleep if I took that picture, if you know what I mean...)


Michelle said...

I doubt that people who need to read this WILL, but thanks for sayin' what needs to be said. One of the reasons I was so determined to make it to my niece's wedding last week is because her dad – my step-brother – couldn't come. He is doing time for a serious crime he never would have been involved in had he not been a drug addict and alcoholic.

Lilylou said...

Love the pix of Gracie and George and would love to see Gracie snuggled up next to the Shepherd! Give him a hug for me!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Love the pix of Gracie. Your little tootsie roll? :)