Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day to George and Gracie

 Four years ago today, I brought home the most precious gift - George & Gracie.  They were "barn cats" living on an alpaca farm out in the county - The farmer man had passed away suddenly and the farmer's wife had decided to sell the farm so she needed a new home for these two kitties. 

We had been catless since Sinda went to the bridge in February, and I was ready for some new kitties. 

Here is a picture of Gracie taken last month as she hid out in the coolness of the hops & kiwis arbor.  She is such a sweet kitty and sleeps on the foot of the bed most nights. 

I just have to convince her not to play "whack a mole" with my toes as she has VERY sharp daggers for claws and you'd think I was trying to murder her when I try to trim them!!

George is my handsome man - he loves to come in and sit on my lap when I am spinning - or like right now, when I am trying to work at the computer.  Sorry George, I'm busy - you'll have to come back later. 

Many of you know that last month, I was offered "early retirement" from the "salt mine", so right now I am home all of the time - they still haven't gotten used to me being around, but they are starting to run in and out now and then to say "hi"  -  especially in the hopes that I might give them a snack. 

 Here is one of the ice cream cakes that they had at my going away party :-)  

I'm looking for new employment, but don't hold out very high hopes.  There are several large employers in the area who have just laid off a fair amount of their admin & accounting work force!  I'm very glad to have George and Gracie to keep me company as I adjust to not working. 


Momma Maria said...

I've been wondering how you are doing Tina. I'm glad to see that you have more time to post anyways! Next month will be 5 years since I got Munchkin, a decision that I will never regret ♥

Tammy said...

HI Tina,

I didn't realize that you were 'early' retired. I hope you can enjoy it, and if something comes along that would be great too if that is what you need. The world is kinda crazy right now.

I guess July 9 might be a 'dangerous' day for gotcha days on cats! That is when I brought Tang home last year. I know you enjoy your two beauties. Here is to a long and happy time with them.