Sunday, July 26, 2015

Easy like Sunday .....

 Hey - you - yeah, I mean you - whatch doin? 

George here - out snoopervising Mummy on one of her recent forays outside the house...we have to follow her around and make sure she doesn't get into trouble with bees or falling over hoses... (Mummy here - "and you do a very good job, George - I appreciate your help")

Anyhow, it's Sunday, and during the summer, that means things are pretty laid back around here.  Breakfast is brunch and lunch is ... well, whenever you can wrangle some...

This morning Mummy made cream scones for The Shepherd for his brunch.  He fills them with strawberry jam and happily munches away.

And there are extras for snacks later in the day. 
 Mummy had seen a recipe for Raspberry Scones on Pinterest last week and wanted to try them this morning.  The Shepherd said he wanted his scones plain, so, she made two separate batches - plain ones for him and raspberry ones for her.  She had picked the raspberries at a friends house a couple of weeks ago and put them in the freezer - she initially froze them on a cookie sheet so they were little individual "nuggets of frozen goodness" and then put them in a freezer container.  They are luscious to snack on when you just want "something a little sweet"

The recipe called for a whole cup of raspberries, but she wasn't willing to part with that much of her stash, so she just used a half a cup - she added them while they were still frozen, so she could break them up a little bit  -  as you can see, 1/2 cup was plenty. 

You can find the recipe from Pinterest here

She left out the almonds because she didn't have any, and thinks that the recipe called for way too much glaze/frosting - she only used a tiny bit on each scone.  And, they were delicious! 

On a whole 'nother note, Mummy got this African violet from a friend, two years ago when she celebrated her 20th anniversary at The Salt Mine.  (Happened to be on July 26!)

Some of you may know that she left that job on June 12.  "Early Retirement"   was fun at first, but she was applying for jobs that looked interesting and last week was offered a part time position at a NEW Salt Mine.  She starts on Tues 28th - 22 years and 2 days from the time she started the job at the "OLD Salt Mine".   Anyhow, this African violet never had bloomed again since she got it, but it is blooming again for the first time - she figures it must be to celebrate her new job. 

So, that's pretty much the news for today.  I have to go clean my handsome furs now, so you can go away. 

We hope you guys all have a great week ahead.  I'll keep you posted on how Mummy's new job goes! 

XOX   George


Michelle said...

I have frozen raspberries from our garden; I'm going to have to try those scones! (And I like LOTS of glaze. ;-)

That violet is indeed sending a message, and I'm celebrating with it!

Anonymous said...

Great news about the New Salt Mine. Congratulations!!!!

Sue C said...

Congrats, Tina! Sounds like you were snapped up by a new employer!