Friday, September 27, 2013

We're on MOUSEBREATH!!!!!!

Hello Effurry Body and Effury Kitty -

We are thrilled over the moon because we's been interviewed for MOUSEBREATH - What's MOUSEBREATH, all my "non-kittyfied" friends are asking...

MOUSEBREATH is an Award Winning Lifestyle e-Magazine written by cats, for cats and cat lovers.

Think LIFE magazine, for Cats...

How cool is that?

Our furriends the Funny Farmer Felines are reporters for MOUSEBREATH and write about different Kitties every week.  And this week, it is US!

And we get to proudly display this badge that will always link to the article.  Woo Hoo.  

So we say HELLO to everyone who has come to visit.  We hope you'll stay a little bit, check out the farm, find a recipe that you want to try, and maybe leave a note for the kittehs - they love having visitors!  


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good morning, all. We're so glad you participated in an interview with us. We enjoyed it.

And not only are we excited to post about you, today, we have exciting news of our own.

Dorothy Abernathy said...

We enjoyed meeting you on Mousebreath. We always enjoy learning about other people and kitties lives.
Now we're off to see Jan's Funny Farm. A different kind of farm but a farm just the same!
Mistletoe, Hitch & the HuMom
(reader without blog)

Kathy said...

We luv it, Gracie!

Mooch, Rascal, Mama Daisy, Mr. Shadow and HRH the Princess Europa
In Airy Zona wif den vish us sheep

Leigh said...

Congratulations! This is wonderfully exciting news. Well deserved!