Monday, September 09, 2013

The world's shortest Hollyhocks...and other earthly delights

We have the world's shortest Hollyhock plants!  These are maybe six inches tall - if they stretch -

When I was a kid, my grandma's yard was full of tall Hollyhocks.  Our yard was full of tall Hollyhocks - with loads of flowers on them. 

Did you know that you can make a fancy dancing lady with two Hollyhock blossoms - one fully open and one still closed?  You need a pointy toothpick - pluck the blossoms off the tall stems.  Put the fully open one so it sits flat on your surface (see the pretty skirt that it makes -with the fancy green shawl?)

Take the blossom that is still partly closed up, hold the colored blossom part to the top and the green part will match up with the green part of the "skirt" and poke the toothpick in the stem of each one and stick them together - green to green - My sister & I used to make trays of our dancing ladies and have Hollyhock balls - You learn to make do when you live way out in the country and 50 years ago, cablevision? What was cablevision???

The maple trees are beginning to set seed.  Even though the forecast is for near 90 degree weather by Wednesday, fall is starting to show her colors.

Gracie is doing her morning yoga - The kittehs have "loved" a big divot in the side of this post. 

I had some other garden pictures for you, but The Ebil Blogger loaded them, and then took them away.  Isn't that how life goes sometimes?

Work is busy, church is back in full swing and I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow morning - early! So, I think I'll hit the sack.

Have a good week!  


Knatolee said...

What happened to your hollyhocks!? ;) But the flowers are so pretty! And I think I made those dancing ladies when I was a kid. I have some beautiful dark purple (almost black) hollyhocks in my garden now. Love them!

Tammy said...

Hope everything goes well at your appointment today!

How did we miss the holly hock ladies? We made everything under the sun from bits and pieces of nature but not those!. Now I feel cheated. ;-) We sure did use our imagination didn't we and had lots of fun doing it.