Saturday, September 21, 2013

Easy Like Sunday -

Hello Effurry body & Effurry Kitty! It's Caturday!

We dragged Mummy out into the garden today and made her take pictures of us. 

It's probably the last nice weekend day we're gonna have for a while, so it was a make hay while the sun shines kind of day.

Mummy says that George is the George Clooney of cats - I just don't get what she means - yes, his name is George, but what's a Clooney???

The Shepherd's Gardens are looking pretty spectacular - even though it's been a dry summer.

They look lush and green - and Mummy likes the little bits of color that peek out of the bushes. 

I think Mummy must have spilled a little bit of breakfast on Bella - George is fixing that problem. 

These are grape tomatoes and they are delicious (according to Mummy - I'm not much into tomatoes...)

She was wondering if anyone ever takes the little bitty green ones and dredges them in an egg wash and flour then fries them up for Fried Green Tomato Balls.  She thought that sounded kind of fun...

Mummy & The Shepherd have church tomorrow then she said they would have to hurry home because there is a SEAHAWKS game on!  She's gong to make Steak Fajitas and Green Corn Tamale Pie  - (She says that more people have visited that page in our blog than any other!) 

We'll have some big exciting news for you soon - so keep checking back!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Seriously, you don't know what a George Clooney is? He's a handsome, debonair cat who blogs! And he has a sisfur named Neytiri. :)