Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello Effurybody & effury Kitty! It's Caturday!

Hello Efurrybody!

Mummy finally got it together so I could give you a Caturday report!  Of course, these pictures were taken LAST Caturday - but she had been furry busy at The Salt Mines, as her work there has changed (again).  She keeps getting up and going there every weekday morning, so I guess she must like it.  I wish she'd say home with me. (Mummy here - nice thought little one, but it will be a few years) 

Seeing this picture of "da Boyz", just  reminded Mummy that she was going to tell you all about the sheepy girls spa day last month.  She says she'll try to do it later next week because she doesn't have any church work or guild work to do. 

I heard The Shepherd say that this will be the first year since he's had sheeps that there wouldn't be any lambs here - I guess getting things worked out so "the correct parties" could get together just didn't happen at the right time.  The nice thing is, that there is always next year.  But we will all miss seeing the little things bouncing around in the pastures. 

Look, up in the air - It's a bird, it's a plane -

No, it's Georgie up on the top of the barn again - he gets up there an acts like a vulture - can you see him next to that tree top? 

I heard Mummy say that she is staying home from church tomorrow so she can have tome time to herself.  She also has to get her Christmas presents for her sisters wrapped, as none of them will speak to her until she gets them sent off.  Heck, it's only almost Valentine's Day - what do they want anyhow??? 

We hope all of our friends in the Northeast part of the country are safe inside from storm Nemo and that the rest of you have a great week. 

Love, Your roving reporter, Gracie


Lilylou said...

I LOVE CATURDAY! Love reading about the kitties, Tina, and how things are going for you and John. Life is good here too.


Katnip Lounge said...

Excellent report, Gracie! We giggles at the fluffy sheepies...those fleeces would be wonderful to snuggle into.