Monday, May 21, 2012

Where's George?

 A not infrequent question around our house - Where's George?  Sort of in the "Where's Waldoian" sense - he and his sister have the most camo of any kitties I've ever had - you can be looking right at them, and not see them, or if they are sound asleep, one might not hear The Shepherd calling around the greenhouse before he shuts it up for the night. 

Such was last evening - Actually I hadn't seen him since he "breezed" through late the night before - the nice weather we've been having leads to lots of naps outside - under bushes and trees or in trees -

So that's where I went looking last night after I had been calling for about 1/2 hour and he hadn't appeared.  Outside to look in the tall grass by the creek, under bushes and shrubs in the yard.

They like to play up on the roof - gets them closer to the birdies, I guess?  They nimbly run up the river birch until they get to the limb that looks down on the roof and jump down - then go racing back and forth - I'm always afraid that they will think they can go running after a bird and oops, the bird flew away - and cats don't have wings...
So, I called and I whistled.  It was raining - I pull my hood up so my hair doesn't get all wet.  Gracie and Bella watch from the kitchen window - "What the heck is she doing out there?" you can see the question on their faces.  

The Shepherd was leaving to go to a meeting, so he wasn't in a looky-loo frame of mind. 

Well, even thought The Shepherd said he didn't think  that George was in the greenhouse, I thought I'd better check.

Being homemade, it has a big clunky heavy door - I peered through the cracks between the door and the frame and didn't see anything, but, just in case, I heaved and pushed and pulled and finally got the door open.

Who do you think came trotting out. ...

"Oh, Hai Mummy - thank you for releasing me from that prison cell.   Purr, purr, purr."

Sigh of relief.

So I sat under the eves of the barn in one of my favorite chairs and we had a snuggle fest.  I had the cordless phone in my pocket, "just in case", so I called my sister and we had a nice visit. 

It was raining, but it wasn't really that cold, especially since I had on a long sleeved fleece pull-over, a fleece vest, a rain coat and a cat - I sat and pretended that I was watching the eclipse - "hmm - is it getting darker? No, that's because it's getting late. I guess I'll go in and fix my dinner."   George seemed to concur so off we went. 

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