Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mancat Monday Report

Hello Everybody and EveryKitty!

George here with a report of the comings and goings on the farm.

Can you see me?  I think I can almost hide right in plain sight - especially from Mummy -

Eeek - what is that up in the sky - Oh, sorry - it's the sun - We don't see it very often, and I forget what it looks like.

So The Shepherd had the V.E.T. out for the Vishus Sheeps yesterday.  They needed shots and (gasp) two of the little boy sheeps got (ahem) "fixed"! 

They didn't fix this one though.  His name is Mac - although Mummy calls him Makks - I heard her say that he is the apple of The Shepherd's eye - I don't think he looks like an apple, do you?  But his mamma doesn't look like she should be messed with, huh? 

Dr. Amber has been out to see our Vishus Sheepes  many times. The Shepherd was pleased because she said that the health of all of his Vishus Sheeps looked very good. 

I heard Mummy say that she is a very nice lady and really knows a LOT about sheeps and goats (whatever that is).  I hid from Dr. Amber, because she is a V.E.T. and you just can't trust those people, you know...

She left after Mummy and The Shepherd showed her a bunch of sheeps furs and yarns.

Then I could come out and relax into the sun puddles on the front porch.

Check out the little movie that Mummy made while the V.E.T. was looking at the sheep.  She said the sheeps kept stepping on her feet while they were running around.  See!  I told you they were vishus.  Enjoy your holiday and have a great day!  XOX  George

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