Monday, March 12, 2012

Silk blend yarn -

This is the yarn the I made from the Louet Northern Lights Handpainted Roving 12.509 Fire Moss that I got with my Christmas Cash.

It was pencil roving - I'd never spun pencil roving and thought it sounded like fun - It is certainly easy to spin nice even singles with out any effort.

Part of it I plied with the silk that I spun from the silk caps at our January spinner guild meeting.

The silk was very close in colors to the roving by very much of a coincidence.

If you click on the picture, it will biggify and you can see the subtle difference in the yarn that is 100% wool and the yarn that is 50-50 wool and silk.

The yarn has a lot of the same colors from this photo of the trunk of our river birch - don't you think?

It isn't as soft as I would like - so maybe not scarf material - but most likely a very pretty hat.


Nancy K. said...

Beautiful yarn Tina!

I can't believe the crappy weather you're having. I hope the gorgeous stuff we're getting (60's and 70's and sunny!!!) makes it your way soon.

Karen Jo said...

The yarn is gorgeous. I think it would make a wonderful hat.