Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new favorite sleeping spot...

I have found a wonderful place to sleep -

It's high up and I can keep my eyes on Mummy and Gracie as they lounge in bed.

A perfect place to "perfect" my furs.

It's the Cable Box.

Mummy says I have to keep my tail out of the way so her clickker will work

So I get a nice nap and a warm butt all at the same time. What more could a kitty ask for - except maybe the food dish within reach...

Nighty night all.


Sharrie said...

From experience I found out that a cat can ruin a cable box. Great place for cat napping, but new boxes can be costly -- to say nothing of the inconvenience. I guess cat hair does not mix well with technology. Our new one looked silly with the up side down crate on top of it.

Kathy said...

Itss gud that she doesn't shoo you off of that thing like our mum and dad do. Its warm and we all like it, but they say ther clikker doesnt werk either.
Silly Beans!

Lil Rascal

orbit said...

Yeah, your food dish, and the litter box right nearby and you'll have it made!!