Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey Everyone it's Caturday!

Hello everybody and everykitty!

It has been an exciting week here on the farm - The man with the clippers came and now all the sheeps are "nekked" - as in without their sheeps furs!

Brrrr - it's a cold week to do that Mr. Shepherd

Anyhow, I'm sitting up here out of the way of the vishus sheeps and the man with the clippers - I wouldn't like to have him get any ideas...although The Shepherd said something about Bella needing a haircut...

The guy with the clippers (Mummy said he's actually called a "Shearer") name is Zander. This is the second year that he's cut our sheeps furs and The Shepherd seemed pretty happy with how things came out.

They always do the boy sheeps first - (they are the most vishus you know) and besides that, Vern, (the big guy) has handles. He was very well behaved this year and didn't squirm around much.

Mummy sat outside in a yard chair and watched and took pictures - it took two hours - she got kind of cold.

After shearing off all the sheeps furs, they all got a pedicure. But no hot stones or pink nail polish. What good is a pedicure with no pink nail polish?

Mummy tried a new thing - she took a movie so you could see how it went -

Mummy here - Here are seven of the ten fleeces that we got this year - The shepherd was pretty pleased and so was Zander, as although we thought they were starting to "roo" (or shed) it didn't seem like he was shearing in the rise - the fleeces came off really easily. I think they will all be for sale, except the pretty brown one in the front.

Back to you Gracie -

Well - it's a good thing that Mummy took all these pictures for you, because the shearer man's clippers made so much noise I was scared away and went and took a nap on the big bed.

I don't know how much Mummy will post this week because she has a really bad hacky coughy snotty cold! She even spent the whole day at home in bed on Friday and I heard her say that hardly ever happens - Oh well, we just got a little more snuggle time in with her.

See ya next week! XOX Gracie


Katnip Lounge said...

How cool that all the fleeces are different colors! Our silly Mommy assumed that all sheep are white. She is a nut. Do you get to sleep on the fleece? We bet that would be wonderful.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. We're still fighting off a bug (flu?) here; Brian and I are mostly over it but Rick is still in the throes of it.

I trimmed all the sheep feet today; my shearer comes two weeks from tomorrow but he doesn't do anything but shear. One of my rams is rooing so I will harvest his fleece myself.

Kathy said...

We both got sick after I came back from the hospital - not fun! Gracie, tell your mummy to take care of herself.
And we all like her video!

Yvonne said...

Hope you're better soon, Tina! There are some nasty bugs going around.
We just finished lambing! Another set of twins - ewes. And I finally got my brown/white polka dotted one!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your shearing went well. I hope your sheep stay warm, ours have been shivering.

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty fleeces! so, are you expecting lambs?