Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday Musings or, The Beginning of the End

Of Summer, that is...

I had last Wednesday - Friday off from work to get ready for the Artisan Faire that I'm participating in next weekend. The weather, which has been SO nice for the past month, suddenly took a turn - grey and cloudy - not too cold, but not really warm either.

George was napping on the back porch, catching what rays he could. This is one of his favorite positions - stretched out, arms in front - flat like a pancake - but on his tummy, not on his back like Neelix did.

Funny cats - it is hard to believe that we've only had them for two months on Friday. They really have taken up a niche in my heart. It's hard to imagine life without them now. The V.E.T. is coming tomorrow evening to give them their last shots for the year. *(Shhh)

One thing I did this week was set up a mock-up of how our table was going to work & I wanted to show you my new display stand for my yarn. A friend of mine is a great "woodworker" and put together this awesome stand for me (if I don't sell any, and don't have plans for any other shows, I don't know what I'll do with it.) It fits handily on our card table and the dowels go through both sides so I can hang 10 skeins (minimum) - And it comes apart into three pieces and stores flat, so it will fit in the closet without taking up much space.

I hurriedly stashed my yarn on it to take this picture, and have re-skeined almost everything so I could put my price tags on it. Hopefully it will look a little tidier on Saturday.

Since it wasn't too bad out, I went on a walkabout with the kitties - took some pictures of the leaves that are turning on The Shepherd's bonsai plants...

And the black-eyed-Susans that are blooming to beat the band.

And it started to rain, so the Mrreows & I headed inside.

I also promised to show you some of the other things that I have made for the Faire - these are little (well, they are about 3 1/2 inches across) rose pins - they have a pin back sewed on the back side. Aren't they cute? If I don't sell them, I'll use them as Christmas presents.

So, there you go, my Monday musings. Got some busy days coming up - I'll try to post when I can.


Michelle said...

Wow, you've been a busy little fiber fiend! Love the display rack; I'm sure you'll use it again. :-)

Leigh said...

The display stand is wonderful! Here's to hoping it has a long and happy life.

I loved that photo of George. That was one of Rascal's favorite positions. Riley is a sprawled out on his back kind of guy, and Katy loves to curl up in her basket. I'm so glad they've brought you some healing. :)