Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Caturday!

Hello everybody!

Your roving reporter Gracie here, with THE CATURDAY REPORT! (I am all ready with my reporty this week and I especially liked this picture that Mummy took of me yesterday. It really shows how pretty my furrs are, don't you think? They really are that color too)

It's been a weird week around here - Mummy has been home - ever since Wordless Wednesday! I don't know why, but she has been really busy with that string maker and got kind of annoyed with me and George when we took off with some of it. We thought it was fun!

(She said that next week, she will show you some more of the string things that she has made to sell next weekend at the Artisan Faire that she has been getting ready for.)

Yesterday Mummy followed us as we went on our appointed rounds.

We didn't realize it, but she caught us having this little sibling skirmish.

I was just about to whap him a good one when she yelled at us to quit fighting.

We weren't fighting Mummy, we were practicing our break dance routine...

Mummy said that she had a really bad day on Friday and was in a snit because #1, she couldn't find some important Tax paperwork for her C.P.A. - (is that something like a V.E.T.?) and then #2, while she was looking for her C.P.A. paperwork, she opened a credit card bill and discovered that someone had put almost 3500 green paper charges on her Discover Card! Boy, was she upset! Anyhow, she called the nice people at the credit card company and they are going to close that account so the thieves cannot charge any more on it and take all the bad charges off when they transfer to the new card. Whew...

Anyhow Georgie and I made up and spent the rest of the day checking on Mummy to make sure she was OK.

Hope you have a nice weekend and HAPPY CATURDAY EVERYONE!!!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie


Yvonne said...

Did I tell you that our credit card # was stolen, and the person who took it signed himself up for a (get this!) Christian dating service? Fortunately the card co caught that immediately & called us.

Kathy said...

We had the cc thing happen to us last year. And folks here have said that their number was stolen, too, and they figured out that it was someone sitting in a car or motor-home in the Sam's Club parking lot, nabbing numbers as people bought gas. Apparently, Sam's uses a wireless connection from the pumps to the office in the store.
You can't be too careful these days!
Our guys play Bitey-Chew with each other at least once a day. Daisy goads Shadow into it and he falls for her each time. ;) He's her boy-toy, I guess.
Sorry you had a rough week. I'll send "Good Thoughts" your way!

Tina T-P said...

Well, I did find the Tax stuff so the CPA will be happy (and hopefully not charge us a 25% fee for not having all our stuff in by the 16th of Sept!)

I spent last night measuring yarn on my McMoran Yarn Balance & counting strands to see if I could get everything priced out for next Saturday.

Thanks for leaving a comment and for your good thoughts! T.