Saturday, April 02, 2011

Maybe I should have measured FIRST....

In last Tuesday's post I showed you some pictures of the baby sweaters that I am making for my bosses twin daughters.

I got the first one finished on Sunday.

I thought to myself "Self, maybe you should try this sweater ON one of the girls before you finish it off, weave in all the ends and stuff..."

I guess I just had that feeling.

On Wednesday, his wife was "out and about" with the girls (who are about 8 months old now) - so she stopped by the office. I had the sweater in my car so I ran out to get it.


In the words of Goldilocks - "Oh my, this sweater is just TOO SMALL"

I might note here that most of my previous projects have been square/rectangle/round, etc. - no defining "size' - other than length and width - who cares how big or small an afghan or scarf is?

And I did check the gauge - I just made them a size too small.

So, no tears, no screaming, just a lot of mumbling under my breath and a little gnashing of teeth as I ripped out and wound all the yarn into new balls - see - I've even started the new one - and this time, it is in the 12-18 month size - let them grow out of that before I get it finished.

Next time, I'll measure FIRST.


Anonymous said...

So sorry. Well, I guess, lesson learned. That is a problem with kids- they grow. We grow but more slowly (hopefully).

Kathy said...

Oh, oh...

These things happen if you don't have the little Ankle Biters around to do the sizing - or they grow so fast you can't keep up! :)