Saturday, June 05, 2010

More Shetland Wool (this time it's for sale!)

As I mentioned in my "Colors of May" post, we went down to Gretchen's Wool Mill last month to pick up some fiber that The Shepherd had her process.

This roving was the result of cleaning out the shed. He took the best parts of three or four fleeces and bagged them up. Gretchen's new "magic machine" was able to wind the roving into these nice bumps - I think they are 4 or 5 ounces each.

I was really pleased with the quality of the roving - and, it spins up really nice, and I think would take an over- dye of most colors and make a nice heathery looking yarn.

I still have to fiddle around with my McMorran Yarn Balance to see how many yards per ounce my yarn is - it all seems to be pretty much the same size - sport weight, I guess....

There is also a big sack of "cream colored" loose roving - I haven't played with that yet, but it looks like it will be very nice as well.

The roving is $2/ounce plus shipping. Leave me a comment if you are interested.

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Kathy said...

Beautiful wool, Tina. It does indeed look like Gretchen does a nice job on the Shepherd's fleeces.
My friend, Mel, went to the Wool Festival here (without me sharing a space this year) and said her sales were about half of what they were last year. I visited (with Lois as she was down for a day from Tuba) the Wool Festival, but didn't buy anything - I'm saving myself for Black Sheep! :)