Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ah, the glorious days of summer, "tra la" ...

The strawberries are ripe - and these are Strawberries with a capital "S" - from a local produce farm out in the county -I was there bright and early (well, 9:30 is bright and early for me on a Saturday) this morning to pick up two flats of these gorgeous little beauties.

The woman who was "watching the store" said her boss and his wife had taken a flat to a local fund raiser auction last night - it fetched $250!!

Wow, and I only paid $18 - what a bargain.

This is the view from our kitchen window - If you click on the picture to biggify it, you will see an animal standing right in the center of those trees - at first I thought maybe one of the neighbors horses was our - then I remembered that they don't have horses anymore -

It's Bambi's mom! - and she had one of her friends with her - they were up there the better part of the afternoon - just munching away on the neighbor's apple trees - boldly ignoring the foil streamers that were, I'm sure, supposed to scare them away - We've been here for almost 17 years and this is the first time I've ever seen deer so close to our house - They don't seem to like the sheep though, so maybe they'll stay out of The Shepherd's garden. Time will tell, I guess


Wrensong Farm said...

Summer? Where??? :P

I was just out yesterday looking at my strawberry plants....I think I counted 4 green berries....what's up with the weather this year!! I need to go to a farmer's market I guess before I don't have any strawberries this year!

It is funny all the things that are tried to keep the wildlife out of "our" food supplies...after awhile they just get used to seeing it and unless it comes after them it is no longer a threat.

Michelle said...

Are NW berries just the best? Brian's patch is doing very well, plus we bought 30 lbs. of fresh sliced (no sugar) Oregon berries from the Kiwanis Club to put in the freezer for winter eating. Spoiled we are!

Kathy said...

My poor berries keep getting blossoms burnt off by the night cold. We're still at 40 F in the morning - although today we're in the 80s.
I miss sun-kissed berries out of the garden. ;(

Tammy said...

And out here in Missouri it's hotter than, well, you know what, and humid. Strawberries are pretty much finished and blueberries are in. It seems like weather has been extreme (at all ends of the spectrum) all over. I don't have problems with deer either Tina, not sure if it's the dogs, the sheep or maybe the two outside cats (ha ha) that keep them at bay, as we have plenty around.
Take care,

Leigh said...

Interesting you've not had deer close to your house. I haven't seen any around here lately, come to think of it.

Strawberries, yum! 'Nuf said. :)