Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy May Day!

When I was a child we would make little bouquets of wild flowers for my mom and grandma (who lived right next door) on May Day.

First you take construction paper and decorate it with glitter and crayons. Then you cut a strip off the "short side" (this is for the handle), and then maybe a little more so your paper is in a square. Form the paper into a cone and staple or glue the sides together. Take the strip that you cut off and staple or tape it to the sides of the cone so you have a handle.

Go for a walk out into the "scab patches" (or if it was raining, just thru mom & grandma's gardens) and pick a little bouquet of flowers to put into the cone.

Proudly give it to your mom (or grandma).


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Kathy said...

May already! Gosh, this year is going faster, isn't it? ;)