Thursday, May 20, 2010

Belated Blogoversary...May 7

Happy belated blogoversary to me,
Happy belated blogoversary to me,
Happy belated - oh, sorry, I didn't know you were here.

Yup, 4 years, 587 posts and over 29,334 visitors later (I didn't put my counter on until a year or so into blogging) I'm still here - thanks mostly to the encouragement from you all - and surprisingly (to me, anyhow) I have about 30 visitors on any given day.

Yellow Bell photo by Sandra in Kamloops BC - a talented artist and weaver. Her water color that she has on her blog header alone is worth the visit to her blog. Photo used with permission.

I started my blog, as many of you may know, because I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I decided to do a blog so people could read the info if they wanted to know what was happening - rather than having to tell everyone what was happening "over and over again" - it worked well for me and I found that I had somewhat of a knack for writing - and I've enjoyed sharing my photography as well.

After the cancer thing was settled (stage 1, surgery, no other treatment necessary) the blog became a fun way to tell others about our little farm, and show off all the hard work the The Shepherd (aka The Gardener) does in our yard. I was "off and running" so to speak.

And I have met some very nice people from all over the world! Here's what I know about bloggers:

*They are friendly & encouraging

*They are generous - (helping pay for someones pet's vet bill is commonplace in the cat blogosphere)

*They are funny and entertaining (after reading about all the "virtual" parties that the cat bloggers give each other, I was emboldened to have my own virtual Birthday Party for Sinda when she turned 20 last month. I had a blast putting together the "party blogs" and had many visitors who have returned to read stories about the farm, etc.)

These three pictures are from the blogs of two very talented fiber artist ladies from BC Canada. I "met" them through doing the "Colors of ---(name your month here)" that was started by Sue at Life Looms Large. who I met through Leigh and Sharon. See - the web just spins out and around - six degrees of separation -

Baby Face & Bird Bill photos by Evelyn Oldroyd Used with permission.

Anyhow, from the top - Yellow Bells, then delicate white Baby Faces & the purple flowers are called (in our neck of the woods anyhow) Bird Bills. Three of my favorite spring flowers from the "scab lands" of Eastern Washington where I grew up. I was thrilled to see them on these blogs and to be able to share them with you. Think of them as my blogoversary gift to you, dear readers. Have a good weekend.


Michelle said...

Happy Bloggiversary! Mine is coming up in June or July; I'll have to look.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary To You...
Happy Blogoversary To You...
Happy Blogoversary To You!!!

That is very amazing that you beat that nasty "C"! Kudos to you and that is wonderful! We are happy to have "met" you as well and we love coming to visit!!!

Anya said...

Happy happy blogoversary :-)

I have also meet many friends
and I am happy to meet you :-)

Have a relaxing weekend
Anya :)

Leigh said...

What a wonderful gift! Happy Blogoversary. (I think I missed mine.)

Kathy said...

Catgratulations, Tina! Your blog is one I have so enjoyed over the years, as well as your friendship.
Can a friend be proud of a friend? I have watched you take off with not only blogging, but spinning as well. I don't think you've fully blossomed yet and have many more facets of your life to share.
You go, Girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Sharon said...

And I'll be meeting you in the flesh in just a couple of weeks!! Happy Blogaversary~

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! That is alot of posts!