Saturday, November 14, 2009

More yarn for church auction

Eeek - what a week!

First off - the class from Judith McKenzie McCuin was fantastic - the three days just sped by and I took a lot of pictures and we did a LOT of spinning - so I have lots to tell you, but haven't had the time to down load the pics & edit them. (picture a little frowny face here...)

Next time I take one of her classes, (and there will be a next time for sure, - I swear to god, the woman must be related to the pied I understand why some people would follow her anywhere - but that's another blog subject) anyhow, the next time I take one of her classes, I will take off a day before the class - to get ready and to do all the things that I would normally do on Saturday - like laundry, etc - then I would definitely take the day after the class off - to absorb all the stuff I learned, finish all the projects I didn't get finished during class and to rest - I couldn't believe how tired I was after three days of spinning!

Got back to work and the reality of it all . We're still dealing with the "train wreck" that the new accounting system has caused in our office. If anyone ever tells you that "Total Office Manager" by Aptora is a great idea for new software for your office - jump off a cliff first - It will hurt less - trust me... Oh, it does have some good points - new things always do, but, phew - parts of it really stink! And that's all I'm going to say about it for now, anyhow...

Our church auction is tomorrow night. I promised them I would bring three things - 8 ounces of handspun yarn - this is what you see drying in our bathroom (luckily we have two and don't use this shower) - it is "potluck roving" from Kathy Green in Ferndale, in a colorway called "Wild Iris". I didn't like how it spun up at first - It is REALLY green - I mean GREEN - and you couldn't really see the blue, white and yellow bits - but once I washed it, it seemed better somehow. I think it will make a cute hat or pair of slippers.

Speaking of hats, the second thing I said I'd bring is made from the targhee that I talked about last week. It spun up so beautifully - I promised a hat and a pair of wrist warmers. The wrist warmers are done and I just finished the hat tonight - I used one of the patterns that I used last year for my Christmas hats - it has "bobbles" all over it - really cute, I thought. I'll take pictures tomorrow in the daylight.

The third thing is a man's hat made from yarn I had left over from last year's hat projects - pretty easy pattern - but it seemed like it was going to be really heavy, so I have added some rows of double crochet - hopefully that will lighten it up - I'll have to wait and see.

Hopefully I'll get that hat done tomorrow, but there is a lot of competition for my time. The Skagit fleece and wool sale is tomorrow a.m. and our spinner guild meeting is tomorrow as well - with a stroke of luck, they are only a couple of miles apart and the wool sale starts first - I even sold some of my handspun yarn to one of the guys that I work with - he paid me today, so I have some "seed money", no?

So, it's off to bed for me - the candle that I've been burning at both ends is getting shorter and shorter -

P.S. I forgot to tell you - I also took in a Whatcom Weaver's Guild meeting on Wednesday night - Kim Werker, the woman who started the Crochet Me web site was speaking - she is a great story teller and brought up some very interesting points about the disparity between the fiber arts. More later..........


Jody said...

Please do share some of Goddess Judith's wisdom with us when you get a chance :))))

Kathy said...

I guess it's a good thing I got a migraine and was knocked down for most of today...I would have been trying to call only to find nobody home. ;)
Since tomorrow is uber-busy for you, I'll wait until I hear from you. :)

Sharon said...

Lovely yarn Tina. I've taken several classes from Judith and had the fortunate to spend a week in retreat with her. I know exactly what you mean.

Mim said...

Great going! What a fabulous three days you must have had doing fiber stuff!!