Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just one more yarn thing (well, maybe 2?)

Here are the sample skeins that I made in my class.

The darkest on the left is Navajo/Churo

The brown (moorit, of course) is Shetland

The Light grey is CVM

I can't remember what the dark grey is...

The creamy white on the left is Rambouillet and kid mohair (oooh soft)

The center white is mill spun singles that I triple plied

The next one is the Leicester Longwool

The singles are the Corriedale that we were to spin as many different sizes that we could. These are my thinner ones.

This is the first yarn that I spun from the class that I took a couple of years ago - Yvonne gave us each a big bump (maybe 8 ounces) of roving and this is how it turned out.

Not so good - - just a little underplied -

Judith just happened to mention about "re-plying" yarn - hmm I thought - maybe I could do that with this

So when we had our spinner guild meeting last week, I questioned someone about how to accomplish the task and ta-da - here you have the new re-plied yarn -

It's now a little bit "over-plied" but I'm pretty sure it will come out when I wash it.

I shall make my self a pair of slippers!


Kathy said...

So...if you didn't have the wonderous Shetlands you do, what breed of sheep would you have instead - just from spinning its fiber???
I am so proud of you, dear friend. I think you have found yourself in spinning and are taking off.
Your yarns are showing that your hands are now singing as well as your voice.

Leigh said...

I love all the natural colors. Shetlands and Navajo Churros really do have them all. On the other hand, that turquoise was sure a delight to the eyes as well.

Sharon said...

I clicked for big on all your images and can see your improvement as a spinner. It's why Judith is in such demand as a teacher - she helps us become better. You have become better, markedly.