Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Soon it will be time to "Fall Back"

Labor Day might be over, but the frost isn't on the pumpkins yet - It is supposed to get into the high 70's this weekend!

Our spinner guild meets this Saturday - we are going to be "Spinning on the Sidewalk" down town in front of NW Handspun Yarns (my favorite LYS) - should be fun - We'll see how my Ashford traditional wheel fits into the trunk of the new car.

Speaking of which (new car, that is), I have to come up with a name for the Fusion - The Shepherd was the one who came up with the Jelly Bean for the Festiva. Hmmm - any ideas?

The Shepherd found these pretty Black Eyed Susans last weekend at an "end of season" sale at one of the local plant nurseries.

He'd been looking for some "color spots" to put on the driveway - I think they look quite nice.

By the way, did I tell you that I volunteered to be the newsletter editor for our Spinner Guild? I'm kind of torn between "What was I thinking" and "This could be fun".

My friend Kathy says it's a "self-inflicted" wound... But you know what "they" say - if you want something done, ask a busy person. And of course, I started a blog for the group.

You can find it here and eventually I'll get around to putting it on my blogroll so you can check to see what we've been up to. We have such talented members, I thought it would be fun to take pictures during our show and tell times as well as documenting our events.

Back to the farm - The Shepherd found several different pots of cheery fall flowers that he planted out in the driveway - it looks very fallish/festive driving into our place now.

Sinda thinks so.


Kathy said...

I wish the Shepherd would make a visit here. I don't even want to think about pictures of my garden - it's so pathetic this year. That first of August frost just nailed everything and now that plants are trying to recover, we'll soon have our regular killing frost. I keep saying I want to give up, but there's something about a gardener that makes that hard.
Your place, evident of all yours and the Shepherd's hard work, is always so inspirational.
And thank you for posting about it. I needed it. ;)

Michelle said...

"Falling back" still seems like a long way off since Mr. Bushy pushed it back to November. (I'm one of those grumpy ones who would like the government to just leave time alone - like they do in Kathy's state!)

Pretty flowers! Next year I've GOT to plant a lot more dahlias, as they are the only thing blooming around here at the moment.

As for the new car, what better name for a fiber lover's new fusion than Fuzzy-Wuzzy? ;-)

Sharon said...

Yeah, I did that too - started a blog for my book group, which reminds me that I was supposed to post to it today, but I was busy making tomato sauce. As for the Festiva, how about Scooter? I don't know your gender sense here.

Mr. Bushy?! Michelle cracks me up. I wish I would have thought of that first.