Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a beauty -

Last summer I told you about the Sheep to Shawl that we did at the Skagit Highland Games - Here is the finished project. It really is beautiful.

One of our members went in with John & I to donate a Shetland fleece that was to have been used for this project, (ie. Shetland fleece for a Scottish Highland game project) but the warp that they came up with clearly would not have looked good with the brown fleece that we donated.

The group made plans to use our fleece for the Sheep to Shawl that we did at the NW Washington Fair.

And here is the lovely Deb modeling the finished product from S-2-S from the fair.

Wow - fall colors really look good on her, don't they? (click on this close up to biggafy it - it kind of takes your breath away) The reds, blues and golden look really great with Taylor's brown fleece.

We are selling raffle tickets to raise money for our guild treasury. I may have to buy a few more - but you know what they say about raffles - it only takes one ticket to win.


Nancy K. said...

That really IS beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The shawls look wonderful! I should go buy some tickets. Forgot to do that Saturday.

Franna said...

The shawls are very, very pretty! The second one reminds me of Indian corn with all the pretty colors.

Kathy said...

So, Tina...where does one buy tickets? Or is this for just your area?

the shawl looks great. I never would have thought of using the natural Shetland as the weft on the vibrant warp. It worked wonderfully.

thecrazysheeplady said...


vlb5757 said...

Those are lovely! I don't weave but admire those who do. I love to watch the competitions. Just amazing.