Sunday, January 25, 2009

URGENT - Puppy mill ring busted in Western Washington

After I finished my previous post about my Christmas Caps, I decided to check out more info about this puppy mill thing that has been going on for the past week south of here. I know that many of my readers are animal lovers and felt that I needed to let you know about this.

The situation has snowballed and gotten progressively worse with each day. It is a very sad story - no arrests have been made, but I sure hope that some will be. Because one man was brave enought to turn in his friend, many many animals will be saved from a horrific life. Please read on.... (but, don't forget to take time to check out the pretty hats I made for my family for Christmas)....

As of Saturday, January 24, over 600 puppies and pregnant dogs have been seized from a puppy mill ring here in Western Washington.

These dogs were living in unimaginable filth and are now being taken care of at the Everett Humane Society, with most being cared for at the Skagit County Fairgrounds by the volunteers for an organization called "S.P.O.T." - (Saving Pets One at a Time). Many of the dogs are ill with parasites and other problems from the crowding and deplorable conditions they were living in. Many puppies had never been out of their crates.

They estimate that 80% of these dogs are pregnant and that the number of puppies expected to be born over the next few weeks could reach 1500! They are hoping that as the puppies are born, the females can be spayed, and that students from the veternary schools in the state can step in and assist with the surgeries.

Please check out these web sites for more information on how you can help the folks that are taking care of these (mostly) itty bitty dogs: and
Saving Pets One at a Time (S.P.O.T.)


Franna said...

Thanks for posting the links. I hadn't looked into this horrible situation. As I read some, I cringed when they said that hundreds of dogs were LEFT in the care of these abusers because appeared to be getting care.
What a horrible statement about humanity; and on the flip side, kudos to everyone who's helping.
- Franna

Donna said...

Those dogs left behind were picked up too. It's a lot for a county the size of ours to deal with.

Tammy said...

I can't even imagine how people can do this sort of thing. Do they just gradually 'slide' into it, or what? Those poor animals, and all the thousands around this country that are going through the same thing--all for the almighty dollar. Sickening. If that happened around here, I don't think the local shelters could handle that many! They are already running on the edge the way it is.
So sad.