Saturday, January 03, 2009

Random thoughts, random acts and old axioms

Not necessarily in that order -

An old axiom (revised)

.....gone yesterday, here today.....

It was almost gone - just a few piles here and there

The six foot drifts were gone from the driveway

Until this morning that is...

The same old axiom (revised)

.....Hair today, gone tomorrow..... Speaking of white.....

My birthday is coming up. My hair has, like my mother's did, gone white on top first - kind of gives you that skunk look if you wear your hair down - I mostly wear mine up in a bun or pulled back in a terribly unstylish pony tail - I never claimed to be a fashion maven. BUT, now my eyebrows are turning white. I could ignore them for a while, then I started plucking them out, but that's gotta stop, or I'll look like a fat Lieutenant Illia (Who you say? Read up on your Star Trek)

A Random Thought -

.....You gotta watch what you say.......

Two of the "local merchants" that I named in my eight fav stores have contacted me to say "Thank You" - I was somewhat taken aback I guess, that my mention would even be noticed, let alone responded to - which was cool - I must admit, I was lazy and did not give you links, as most of them have web sites - oh, well, there's always Google, now, isn't there?

It also made me think about the fact that one never really knows who one's whole audience is - I know when I look at my site counter, that when Flagstaff comes up, my friend Kathy has been here here, or Leigh & Rascal in South Carolina, and there are others that I recognize, but for the most part, most of you out there are a mystery to me. As one blogger friend says on her side bar - "Would it kill ya to leave a comment?"

And Finally - A Random Act of Kindness ~

I confess, I have a great weakness for McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. All those commercials that were on while I was snowed in and eating "real food" for lunch - they were killing me! So, you guessed it, my first day back to work last week, I headed out to (one of my eight favorite restaurants) Mickey D's for lunch. Rainy and cold, I braved the drive up lane rather than get out and walk through the slushy mushy parking lot. Ordered my McNuggets & et-ceteras for my lunch and when I got to "Window #1" to pay, I was informed by the cashier that "The car in front of you paid for your lunch, and said to tell you that "Jesus loves you" -

Huh? Well, I'd never thought of that in conjunction with my fast food lunch, but what could I do, but ask what the people behind me had ordered - "A Kid's Meal" - "OK, I'll pay for their meal then", I said. - Which tickled the cashier and thoroughly confused the people at "Window #2" (the Pick-up window) who couldn't figure out why we were all paying for other peoples meals - someday they'll understand.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is our delayed and belated Christmas service at church. The Shepherd, who is also The Minister of Music is on high alert - Hopefully this new snow will be gone by morning (it's 38 degrees out - yay!) as we have about a 20 mile trip to get there -

I'm trusting that you all had a Happy and Safe New Years - I have pictures from our "New Year's at Nancy's Farm to show you and a yummy recipe for Smoked Salmon Cheesecake - but, you'll just have to wait - anyhow, it will give you something to come back for.


Franna said...

How cool is that??? Pay for someone's lunch in the driveup line.

Your post had me smiling for that and for the stores contacting you. Indeed, we don't know who all is reading!

- Franna

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We've heard of that being done before. Surprising someone by paying for their meal would really make someone's day!

Too bad the snow left and returned. Brrr.

Kathy said...

Uplifting! I WAS going to go out and take pictures of all the snow that is piled up by the plow guys yesterday (new crew and they did more!)...BUT it's snowing! I would have to put my camera in plastic to keep it dry. :( AND it's COLD!!!

Off to feed the Sheeple, then come in, warm up and call WA State! :)

Sharon said...

Dontcha love it that it melts?@ I don't think I could take Wisconsin. Happy New Year, Tina.

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