Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh, couldn't pass up more pink from the garden...

Bleeding Heart is one of the spring flowers that I really have memories of. Both my mom and my Grandma had it in their gardens. My grandma also had lots of Lily of the Valley planted around the back of her house. I had a big patch of it growing at my old house (pre-The Shepherd) in town - I've had a hard time getting it to take hold here - don't know why.

But the Bleeding Heart blossoms always reminded me of "Court Ladies" with their puffy sleeves. We also have a nice patch of wild Bleeding Heart growing under the Pink Dogwood.

This variety is Japanese - the blossoms are such a dark pink they are "almost" red

And then there are more azaleas

Oops, this flower is Orange - Sorry Neelix - don't have many Orange flowers in our garden right now.


Sharrie said...

I just posted about my bleeding heart yesterday. My grandmother had one on the farm that was awesome. Pleasant memory.

Sharon said...

I swore I was only going to read blogs tonight and not comment, but dear me- that cat is my dear and sometimes not-so-dear Charlie!!!!