Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And still More Pink!

I thought you would enjoy a little walk thru The Shepherd's garden - his azaleas are in full bloom right now

And the maples are all leafed out - (eat your heart out, Michelle - there are more where this came from)

And of course, no walk through the garden goes unsnoopervised.


Kathy said...

Just beautiful! I so love those maples! They sell them here, but we're too cold where we are to actually have one survive. (Of course they never think to order varities that will survive this area!)

I'm meeting with the Animal Defense League people this morning to get a cat-trap and instructions on how to get Momma and the kittens. I haven't seen any kittens for a while now, so I'm hoping there still ARE kittens to rescue! Keep all things crossed today for us!

Leigh said...

Those azaleas are gorgeous! Beautiful color. I'm sure it's all due to the snoopervision.

Sharrie said...

Beautiful flowers on those last posts. Cute kittie, too. The west coast does grow some lovely blooms.

Kathy said...

Don't forget to tell Ms. Sinda and Mr. Neelix they are Auntie and Uncle now! ROFLMAO!!!