Sunday, March 09, 2008


Not withstanding the feline acomplice sticking her nose into everything, Nance's scarf is almost done. The squares were pretty easy - it's tieing in all those ends that is a pain in the patootie (or how ever you spell that...)

I'm taking a couple of classes from one of our local yarn stores (that's LYS for those in the know) - the first one - I decided that I needed to take another spinning class as there seemed to be a few things that weren't "working right". This is the "bump" of dyed Border Leicester
roving - and for once my camera got the color right (unlike the purple in Nance's scarf) - it is the prettiest robin's egg/sky blue I've ever seen- Yvonne from Aquarian Hamster is teaching the class. And, I need to go practice on some of that yummy blue wool!

Next on the menu: an Artfelt felting class (the other class from my LYS) and "Brave Charlotte!"


Yvonne said...

Hi Tina - I'm so glad you like the color of the roving from Linda Jonasson's farm. Hope you're having a good time spinning the Border Leicester. It should be pretty forgiving. ;-) So *very sorry* to see that gorgeous fleece that won't be going to show. It is scrumptious. Well, without the pee.

Sharon said...

Those granny squares sure bring back memories. My mother and I used to do them together. BTW, I'm a BL fan myself. Good thing because the fleeces are huge and it takes a long time to use one up!

Anonymous said...

Great looking granny squares for NNT! She's going to love it! And she could certainly use a pick-me-up right now.

I need orange said...

Love the colors!!! :-)

And -- congrats on the egg. :-)

Kathy said...

I see The Snoopervisor is on duty! What a ham she is! :)

I am so happy to know that you're "getting into" more spinning and the by-products. John's going to have to give up some of those beautiful fleeces for spinning, isn't he?

Good onya, Mate!

Leigh said...

The scarf is very cheerful! Perfect contrast to the dull, gray winter. I know you'll enjoy another spinning class. Spinning is learned mostly in the doing, and a class is a fun way to "do."

Sharon is right about those BL fleeces. My first fleece was a BL and I actually still have a few ounces of it left somewhere.