Sunday, October 29, 2006

Too much on my plate...

Too much on my plate - I think that's right up there with being up to my you-know-what in alligators - Why is it that you can't go away for just two days and not have everything go to heck in a hand basket?

First - part two of the work party in the barn - after we got everyone wormed and all the pedicures done, it was time to move the girls in with Thorson. Only two for us this year - Regina & Susie - they both have beautiful wool and their babies should be fantastic - and Lucy who is sold "bred" - then we loaded up Jasimine to take her to her new home with Toni & John C. in Skagit county. The move in actually went quite well - no chasing or anything - and she didn't even particularly seem sad to see us go. She's probably ruling the roost there now, knowing her.

I can't remember if I mentioned in my San Antonio post that I've been having (more than usual) problems with my right knee (the one that has not been replaced yet) Anyhow - it had gotten so I had to stand and wait for my knee to "pop" before I could put any weight on it - which is not very convenient, to say the least - and was fairly embarassing at the meeting I was at. The conference started at 8:00 on Saturday a.m. with continental breakfast & welcomes from the "whobodies" - then to classes ALL DAY LONG - with two "beverage breaks" in the morning, lunch, and two breaks in the afternoon. Most of the sessions were given by people from the membership committees of other locals - the classes were very informative (notice the size of that binder - we got to carry that around for a day & a half) - Anyhow - each time a class would end, I would have to stand up, and wait for my knee to pop before I could go to the next session. Geeze.

So, long story short, I did finally go to the Doctor on Friday - this guy is a GP, but he's a "sports doc" for the schools so he is pretty good with knees and joint problems - He thinks that my problem is probably a little piece of the cartiledge that is left in my knee has gotten bent over and catches on the knee cap OUCH! - We talked briefly about an MRI - and I'm thinking that I may go ahead with it, since my deductible & stop loss are both topped out from the surgery last spring, I wouldn't have to pay very much for it. (Maybe they can figure out why I've been having bouts of sciatica, too)

About 10:00 on Sunday a.m., Tari, our membership coordinator, got a call from the airlines - seems that Delta "needed" the flight crew from our San Antonio to Salt Lake City flight - SO they CANCELED our flight! So how the heck were we supposed to get home? They sent us to ATLANTA! (975 miles in the wrong direction) where we caught a flight to SEATTLE - notice something missing - we were supposed to have flown Salt Lake City direct to Bellingham - where as, after landing at 10:33 p.m., I'd have been home at roughly 10:45 p.m. (we just live a few miles west of the airport - but nooooo - we landed at SEATAC at 10:45 p.m. and then still had a two hour bus ride home - it was about 2 a.m. when I rolled into bed - thankful that I had taken my car to the airport here in town so John didn't have to get out of bed at the midnight hour to come get me. (From the look on Scott's face here, he's trying to figure out something horrible to do to the person who canceled our flight...)

Thank heavens I had already scheduled to take Monday off - I was very tired.
The rest of the week didn't get much better, as the bosses were out of town - which leaves me as the "go to person" (ie - go to Tina, she'll figure it out...)

So, here it is, another Sunday night - I missed Weekend Cat Blogging - but thought I'd show you where Neelix hung out while we were terrorizing the sheep two weeks ago -

And the boys? They couldn't figure out what all the baaaaa-ing and carrying on was about - Well, they're just teenage boys - a little dufus, but very sweet.

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