Saturday, August 19, 2006

Weekend cat blogging

This is Sinda, of course - it's her weekend - Last week was Neelix's turn -

Such a lovely lady, and such a pain in the butt sometimes. I guess, at 16 years (late 70's in human years) she's allowed to be a little persnickety.

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Have a great one.

Sinda says "This is definately my "best side"


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

She looks very cute and not as old as mentioned!

sher said...

Well, she certainly hides her advancing age very well. Her fur is beautiful--very shiny. Hope I look that good in my 70's. (I bet I don't.)

aria said...

awww, she's 16! she's beautiful, i love old cats too.

jenny said...

She looks identical to our lovely cat, mittens who passed away at the ripe age of about 20 a few weeks ago. She was still running around climbing trees until recently. sniff

Tina T-P said...

Hey everyone - Sinda says thanks for stopping by to say "hello" - Jenny, Sorry to hear about Mittens, I think when our cats get older, we begin to steel ourselves to the day when they go to the "big cat condo in the sky" -

Hope you'll stop back by once in a while. Tina

Organic Mum said...

Your cats are beautiful Tina! We only have one who is a handful! LOL He's into everything and pretty much rules the boys knees! :)