Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend cat blogging & New Toys

Here she is, Ms. Sinda, looking prim & proper (& hiding from Neelix, I'm sure).

She had all kinds of things to say to the Service man from Lehmann's Applicance who came out Friday a.m. to put in our NEW DISHWASHER!!! The old one was new with the house 12 years ago and a "budget" version at that - we're lucky it lasted as long as it did. (Well actually it stopped cleaning the stuff in the top rack, well, about mid April, but we've had other things on our minds since then...)

And speaking of NEW TOYS!!!

This is(was) Thorson's play ball - it is flat from being thwacked tooooo many times.

Here's John, hoping that Thorson doesn't decide to make a "play ball" out of him while he does the change out to the new ball.

Hmmm - smells kind of like the old one.....

Yes, I do believe this one is acceptable. We're back in business!

Just another day's work on the farm. Ha, Ha, Ha...


Kathy L. said...

Gotta get me one of them thar ball thing-y's for my guys! ;)

Organic Mum said...

LOL How gorgeous! Does he actually jump at it Tina or just run and push at it?

Thanks for sharing your photos! :)

Tina T-P said...

Kathy - I'll send you the "approximate" dimentions - our boys have had hours of fun/whatever with that thing -
OM- he will start over at the corner of his pasture - maybe 20 feet or so, run lickety split and bammo - as you can see - he has done some pretty serious damage to that 6 inch post, which by the way, is set in cement LOL - We hear him at all times of the day - THWACK!
Thanks for stopping by you two! T.

Organic Mum said...

LOL It must be great to watch him! :)

shepherdgirl said...

OK, now that is wonderful. My old Joe Pye the ram
would benefit from such a ball! I never thought to give him one, he has such fun banging me.
My thoughts are with you for healthy energy flowing to you and for you, now and in the future.

Nancy K. said...

Your ram is GORGEOUS!!!

Keema said...

From someone who has never lived on or near a farm, what is the sheep for? Is it just for fun and games like your cat or do you use it for wool as well?