Saturday, August 19, 2006

Off to the Fair We Went

We generally go to the fair for one reason - to watch the draft horse show - it is generally fun and exciting and today was no exception. I believe that Whatcom County has, if I remember correctly, 8, count em' EIGHT six horse hitches of draft horses, and boy are they pretty. and they get them all out in the ring & let them "do their thing", which is a crazy combination of circles & etc, and as you can see from this picture they are going every which way. And they've been doing it for so long, that the horses never run into each other.

After the "big guys" are done, they bring in the 8 horse pony hitches - there are only 4 of those - and it's a good thing, because those little guys really get to rolling - flat out at a run!

The other thing we went to see this year was the Sheep to Shawl demonstration - we had donated one of Thorson's fleeces for this one, and everyone really loved it - the staples (or locks, for those of you who don't spin) were really long on this fleece - and it spun like a dream. The pile in the middle of this picture has been picked & run through a drum carder. Doesn't it just look like cotton candy?

They were using a floor loom this time that had been prepared with a red yard to weave in the beautiful white yarn that they were spinning, to make a shawl. I had some other fun pictures of the weaving, but for some reason, they won't download. Who knows - anyhow - we had the cattlemen's Brisket sandwich w/coleslaw & beans for lunch (with a lemonade, of course) I had a lime snow cone on our way out of the fairgraounds - light on the syrup...

It was way too hot for me - and we'd worried that it might be too much for John to do, after being off with the flu all week...but he's fine tonight - my knees & feet feel like they've walked a million miles. But it was fun. Now we don't have to go for another four or five years.


Kathy L. said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I wish our Fair were that good (It's in need of some major renovation and fresh thinking).

Nancy K. said...

How cool! But ~ do we get to see any progress on the 'sheep to shawl' entry...?

vlb5757 said...

I just love festivals of all kinds and especially the ones that involve sheep! We are having a Fiber Festival the first weekend in October, and I can't wait! Our spinning guild does a sheep to shawl in November but I am too chicken to enter!