Friday, August 12, 2016

New kids on the block

Sadly I have no new news about George.  If I haven't gotten back to you personally, please accept my belated Thanks to everyone who has left such nice supportive notes.  I am more heartbroken every day.

In the mean time, I'll share some other news with you.  I really need to figure out if I can post to my blog from my phone, because I take picture after picture, thinking "Oh, this will make a good story for my blog" - then the pictures just stay on my phone.  I'm on the computer for 7 hours a day at work, so, sometimes my home time is "off line"  -  well, it's gotten to be "Kindle time" lately - I am such a brat - ha ha...

Anyhow, we have some new sheepies here at the farm.  The brown one, of course, is Katie, from this spring.  But The Shepherd likes to have a buddy the same age for his sheep, so the black one is Kayla, who was born in the Olympia area.  Looks like I needed to have wiped off the lens on my camera - but she is a real pretty girl - black, black, black and very fine wool (which is unusual for black - it tends to be a courser fiber)

This is Jefferson, on the left, in the black coat, and Buddy in the brown coat on the right.  The Shepherd decided that the two ram lambs that we had here were not going to work for his breeding plans, so he drove over to Port Ludlow on the Olympic peninsula and picked Jefferson up from Ananda Hills Farm.  Handsome boy with a black/brown fleece.  Again, much finer than normal blacks, so he's looking for some good lambs in the spring.  Of course he will not breed Kayla until 2017 Fall, so a couple of years out on that one.

And Buddy - the same as with the girls - he likes to have a "friend" of the same age and especially for the boys, company in the pasture.

So, that's the news.  I'll be in touch. 


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about George- I hope he shows up soon!

Lilylou said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Georgie is just on walkabout and will be home soon.

Momma Maria said...

Tina I'm still hoping George comes back OK. I have the Blogger app on my phone and it works pretty well, and it's free through the Google app store.

Kathy said...

I am still sending out George-vibes. It was great to talk to you!

Thanks for the update. Good looking lambs!