Sunday, August 28, 2016

At the beach

We went to Ocean shores the week after the fourth of July.  It seems like it was ages ago.  The weather wasn't real good, but we could sit in the car and listen to the roar of the waves.  Our neighbors were good enough to come down and feed sheep and cats. It was a nice vacation.
Speaking of cats ... I'm sorry to say that George has not come home.  We've had record high temperatures since he went missing, so I just don't know ...  Things don't look to favorable for his return. 


Lilylou said...

So sorry to hear that George has not yet come home. It's harder not to know what happened than it is to know for sure. Sometimes, anyhow. Hugs, dear Tina.

Momma Maria said...

I'm so sorry for you, John and Gracie, I know how much the cats mean to you.

Lilylou said...

Here's an article that turned up on Facebook this morning. Though it's about the death of a pet, I believe it's very much the same when we don't know what happened to an animal that has disappeared: