Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We wish they all could be California Girls -

Well, not really - we really like our Washington Girls - but adding some new blood once in a while -

This is "Joshua's Farms Garnet" - she has come to be company / BFF for Lilah, our one ewe lamb from the babies we had this spring. 

She is very well behaved and leads like a dream.  She came from the same breeder where we got Elliott a couple of years ago.

In fact her bloodline goes back to my old friend Nancy Krohn's boys Skittles & Apocalypse.  (her Great Grandfather and Grandfather respectively)  Even though Nancy is no longer in the sheep business, I know she would love to know that her sheep continue to make a difference. 

The Shepherd and his new sheeplet.

Isn't her wool just the prettiest color? 

It will be November of 2016 before he breeds her with Django - (we don't breed ewe lambs)

It will be a long wait to see what happens, but that's the sheep business. 

Gracie want's to know what the heck all the ruckus is about........

Garnet and her new friends were less than thrilled to be put into a pasture by themselves...


Michelle said...

LOVE her color and marking – but John, where's the CRIMP? ;-)

Lilylou said...

Always fun to get the latest news!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous! She looks so soft and love her color and markings. I'm sure she will make some lovely wool and babies for you. It was nice to see some of the old names pop up too, like Skittles--who could forget Skittles? :-)