Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yes, LOOT!

 (Thanks Michelle for reminding me that I hadn't put a title on this post!!) 

Well, as you surmised from the last post, last week was the Black Sheep Gathering down in Eugene.  Our annual vacation.

Some changes this year - all the vendors were in the concert pavilion - Air conditioned comfort
and lots of room - but more on that soon -

The thing is, to get to Eugene, first you have to go through Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Chehalis/Centralia - and then there is Portland.
 The land of bridges & tail lights -

Portland is called "The Rose City" and they have bush roses planted all along the freeways there.

It is so dry this year, they look kind of stressed already and all the brown grass in the medians - somebody throws out a cigarette and everything is going to burn to the ground!

But we MADE IT through Portland, with only a few delays - Generally Thursday early afternoons are not too bad (and actually coming home on Sunday morning we breezed right through!) 

 The Lane County Fairgrounds is comprised of this big pavilion, then barns that the animals are in - because they had moved the MarketPlace into the pavilion, they also included alpacas this year. 

 As you can see, lots of wide aisles
and lots and lots of vendors!

 With room left over for three spinning circles!  (no, my wheel stays home - I bring my crochet projects on the road)

 This was one of my favorite booths - she has such pretty colors! 

 How could you pass this up?????

 So, while The Shepherd shopped for sheep,

I shopped for spinning goods

One lady said she figured that her stash had now exceeded her life expectancy.....  

Gracie says: "I think mom has EASILY exceeded that mark - she brought home TWO BIG BAGS of spinning stuff!"



Michelle said...

Thank-you for showing me that it was a VERY good thing that I couldn't go this year! I missed hugging my friends, but sure didn't need the temptation to shop from all those vendors. Looks like you got some LOVELIES.

Michelle said...

PS: I think you should title this, "LOOT"!

Tina T-P said...

Ha, ha - good catch Michelle - LOOT it is :-) T.