Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ya got-ta have friends.....

Well, this post has been a while in the making - first, I watched a video on "Dear Prudence" where a woman's IRL (In Real Life) family berated her for having real relationships her on line friends (ie - "They are just "on-line" people, you don't even know them)  So, I was ready to write something about all the wonderful "on-line" friends that I have, when my modem stopped working.   - Well, let's say it stopped working consistently - If I saw the "on line" light working, if I hurried, I might be able to read an email or two, but that was about it...

Well, thinking that this might be a good time to do the computer upgrade I had in the works for a couple of months - I started that process, but then I realized that my Carbonite backup could not do it's job, BECAUSE MY MODEM KEPT STOPPING - and it didn't download any of my files INCLUDING ALL of my PICTURES!  OK, I'm freaking out now - 

(And then on top of all this computer stuff,  it was time to get ready for vacation & our trip to Eugene Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering.  NEWSFLASH!! We didn't bring any 4 legged's home - however I did buy some nice BFL/Tussa Silk blend wool to spin :-) 

So, I froze my Carbonite so it wouldn't back-up over my empty files (although I found out that they keep your recent back-ups separate, or something like that, so you do have access to them - I love Carbonite - it is always there, working in the background - Best $70 a year I've ever spent - And after I got my NEW Comcast modem (that includes it's own WI-FI  router so my new printer will work (once I get THAT hooked up) with a little help from the "Oh-so-nice" tech guy from Carbonite - all my files are back where they are supposed to be- etc, etc.  This is the second time I've used my Carbonite restore program - and other than the modem problems, which were outside of it's realm, it is just "easy-peasy" as the old saying goes.  
Miss Gracie

So, here I am, over a month later since I posted the last time - And the other problem has been my inability to see clearly what I'm typing, etc. on the screen.  I finally got fed up with not being able to see out of my left eye and made the decision to raid my 401k and have the cataract surgery done.  This is happening tomorrow (July 2)  in Mt. Vernon, WA with a cataract specialist recommended by my regular eye doc.  It is not happening without an element of risk as there are issues with my cornea and with the shape of my eye in general.  But this young Dr.'s passion is doing mission trips all over the world to bring vision to the poor and he has literally done thousands of cataract surgeries.  He said my eye was "bad" but not the worst he'd ever seen - I will be his last patient of the day, so he doesn't feel rushed and can take his time - If you are reading this and it is before my surgery (supposed to happen sometime around 3-3:30 Pacific Daylight Time) send good thoughts out to Dr. Saipco - we want him to do the best job he's ever done, right? Wish me luck...

So, getting back to my original thoughts about friends -
Thanks to my loyal readers who I do consider my friends -

I've included a very nice poem/prayer that was in a recent "Angel" newsletter authoredby my friend Mary Ellen  "Angel Scribe"   If you are in need of comfort, I hope it brings you comfort, if you are in need of being buoyed up, I hope it brings you joy.  

Hopefully I'll be back on the computer in a day or two with a "report" on my surgery - Til then, have a safe & happy 4th of July! 

- Friends -
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels
Friends touch the heart
in such a special way!

It is as if they open a secret little door
and move into your heart.

Nestled inside of you,
they create warmth and love
and cause your heart to expand.

Your attitude melts and softens
as snow on a warm sunny day.

Friends enrich your life and give it
a greater meaning...
they give you support
they give you honesty
and they give you courage
when yours is lacking.

Friends to
walk with
talk with
laugh with
cry with.

Friends are your cheerleaders
through life.

Friends are the rays to your sun,
the treasure in your jewelry chest,
they are the sparkle on the ocean waves.

They ground you when you need it
and they guide you when you want to fly.

Friends are a rare and special find,
a gift from God.

Treasure your moments



Michelle said...

I count you as a dear friend, and am glad you are getting your eye fixed! Prayers tomorrow....

Lilylou said...

Thinking of you, Tina, my more-than-online friend!

Kathy said...

I got you voice mail on my phone, Tina...and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you have your surgery (right now).
And mine went fine. We'll talk tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Siapco is great- you are in good hands!

Leigh said...

Computer stuff can get really scary. Dan hears Carbonite advertised on the radio and always tells me about it; maybe I should invest!