Sunday, July 06, 2014

The fires of creation -

 Here is The Shepherd out standing in his field - a field of Bellingham Lillies- a relatively rare plant, that seems to like our yard.

The weekend has just flown by - I worked until noon on Wednesday, the day of my surgery - we didn't have to be at the surgery center in Mt. Vernon until 2:30 - so we both worked 1/2 day.  Kept my mind off of things, I think.  The rest of the weekend was spent napping and spinning and napping and trying to ignore the piteous cries of 9 lambs who had been taken away from their mamas (that is enough to send you straight to the freezer for that pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!!) and napping and  practicing my guitar.

 You see, after 47 years of playing guitar, I decided that I needed to learn how to play open tuning so I could learn a song by my friend Tracy Spring - in fact, I'm taking lessons from her.  It's been fun, but it is such a different technique from what I know.  Even though I've learned the song I wanted to learn, I'm not sure if it's for me.

I am, however, in awe of Tracy's songwriting ability.  I think I've told you before about MY song writing ability - sadly, it pretty much amounts to drivel.

I like to write (ie my blog), I just have no talent to put it to music. 

"Do I , Gracie? "

"Nope, not so much - here Mummy, why don't you just stop and smell the flowers?"

 Speaking of flowers - here is one of The Shepherd's favorite "mini" bonsai plants - a dwarf astilbe.  Pretty cute huh?

Anyhow, getting back to the music thing -

Luckily, I know lots of talented musical people - another person whose music I like is Unitarian Universalist musician, Jim Scott - he's going to be on the west coast next month - we're hoping to get down to the Seattle area to hear his concert.

"May the dance take me lightly in its arms
May the song lift me gently on its wings,
May the fires of creation burn brightly in my heart,
That I might so briefly touch the magic of all things."

From "The Fires of Creation" by our friend Jim Scott



Lilylou said...

Glad your surgery turned out all right and that you're having some fun with the guitar, Tina!

Michelle said...

I separated my two ram lambs into an adjoining pen, and they haven't uttered a peep. For some reason, the two ewe lambs who are still with their moms are calling more!