Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Beautiful tulips in The Shepherd's garden
Sigh –

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter, eating a bowl of tomato soup with tuna fish on crackers (is that the oldest lunch in the book, or what?).

Sitting at the kitchen counter because it is the only open counter space in the house (have I ever mentioned that my housekeeping methods leave a little to be desired?) and sighing because it is my last day of "my" spring vacation.

Lambs first day outside!
My Staycation – as they are called – little bits of time carved out so you can just stay home and nourish your soul - - - man, I had a lot of things planned – but with lambs, general exhaustion, gosh, they just didn’t get done.

So,  I’m trying to decide if I should go finish cleaning the living room or make these yummy looking cookies I found on the Land ‘O Lakes web site - maybe if I get off the computer and get busy, I could do both…

But first, a few pictures from around the farm -

Everything in The Shepherd's greenhouse is reaching for the sky.  This stuff is only a week or so old - spring is so marvelous...

And here is some of the pretty stuff I bought on Saturday at the Wonderful Woollies Farm Sale that we participated in.  "Oh," you say, "the object of being in that sale was to sell, not to buy..."

Huh - coulda fooled me...

I did sell five skeins of yarn (one of which was priced at $69!  Yay me. 

And this is the view from the barn.  In the chair where I spend a bit of time waiting this week.

Waiting for lambs to be born....

Waiting for The Shepherd to get home and check on the lambs that were being born...

But generally enjoying one of my favorite views in our garden -

Maybe I can get Gracie to tell you about the Wool Sale in her Caturday report.

No doubt she'll be bummed out because her Mummy had to go back to The Salt Mine tomorrow - but not as bummed as her Mummy is. 

See ya Saturday. 



Michelle said...

Yay you on the yarn sale, indeed! I need the Shepherd to come and work his magic on OUR place….

Anonymous said...

Happy Staycation!

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi I saw on The Cat Blogosphere that it is Sinda´s birthday today.
So here I am wishing Sinda a HAPPY birthday :)

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Happy Birthday to Sinda.

The yarn is lovely and everything looks wonderful. The lambs are very cute.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope you enjoyed your staycation and had a nice Easter. We love the photos of the new lambs.

Happy birthday to Sinda.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, we're sorry we forgot you lost your Sinda in 2011.

Happy thoughts of Sinda today.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

My heart is heavy as I found out from you that Sinda had left for the bringe in 2011. Know that Sinda is always with you and never far away.

Kathy said...

You're supposed to SELL things at fiber markets...not BUY things, silly!
Glad you've had some time off!